Collection: Jupe by Jackie

Established in 2010 by Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye, Jupe by Jackie thrives through its ultimate attention to detail. Each of the renowned designs are intricately executed and characterized by the hand embroidered details. Jackie's strong desire to create original designs that feel elegant, sophisticated and presented in a superb mix of colors has led her to the master embroiderers of the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh - with whom she works with closely to create these striking outcomes.

Revitalizing a dying craft in today’s fast-paced fashion industry, Jupe by Jackie continues to make its mark as leading embroidery house as it strives to let Indian artisanship not only live, but thrive. She established Jupe by Jackie at age 54, after having raised her five children. When they all left home, Jackie’s lifelong enthusiasm for design and creating became even more determined.

Having extensively studied the craft of Indian hand embroidery, Jackie embarked on a journey that led her to a highly talented team of embroidery craftsmen with whom she is working as a dear family until now. A passionate collaboration all the way.  Jackie’s main goal became, and still is, to draw attention to this impeccable art with endless bespoke options, passed down from generation to generation - giving Indian hand embroiderers the worldwide recognition they deserve.

Challenging the “typical” career paths of women her age take, Jackie’s life story can be reckoned as a true inspiration as well: having proven that regardless of age, you can always pursue new life purposes and achieve your goals along the way.