Autumn Adeigbo

Ethical fashion entrepreneur Autumn Adeigbo started a colorful, women-focused fashion brand with the vision of positively impacting the lives of women in Africa and the United States. Autumn became inspired to become a fashion designer by watching her Nigerian mother sew the clothes she wore as a little girl. She was voted ‘best dressed’ in the 4th grade.

After attending Spelman College and Parsons School of Design, she worked her way up from intern to associate, working with the top fashion stylists in the world. She launched a collection of seven African-inspired dresses while hostessing at New York hot spots and pitching her collection to magazine editors as she sat them at their tables to dine.

Autumn is the 36th black woman to raise $1M venture capital for a company and the first black woman to raise $1M for a fashion brand.

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Claire Mischevani

Claire Mischevani founded her eponymous fashion label in 2001. The transition from lawyer to designer of her own brand was a natural one, fueled by a lifetime obsession with fashion and a natural and meticulous eye for detail.

The collections are an adaptation of Claire’s own personal style, a carefully curated edit of key pieces for both events and every day wearing, with signature pieces in the form of stunning prints, unexpected color palettes and luxury materials.

The Claire Mischevani brand has won critical acclaim alongside multiple industry awards, including Designer of the Year. 

Sustainability is also a key focus; the brand works with limited edition fabrics to save on waste and creates only small, limited edition collections, keeping their carbon footprint low. By designing timeless pieces, the hope is that one day they become heirlooms of the future. 

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After twenty years spent falling in love with fabulous furnishing fabrics whilst working as the Creative Director of British House & Garden magazine, Gabby Deeming took her love of textiles, color and pattern to India to explore developing a dress collection using block printed cottons.

Five years and many trips to India later, Daydress is blooming with a wonderful catalogue of block-printed cotton fabrics, all designed in-house by Gabby or by commissioned artists and a growing collection of beautifully feminine dresses.  Despite having no fashion training, possessing a strong creative vision has meant that Daydress has found its niche as the perfect place to discover timeless pieces, elevated with all the thoughtful details you would expect from a small brand.
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Dovima Paris

After 20 years as a fashion journalist for Vogue and WWD and as a creative director designing accessories for major fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Ralph Lauren, Jane Pendry found herself looking for a different kind of luxury.

With Dovima Paris, Jane has created a modern luxury brand, one that’s inclusive, made ethically, and embraces the haute couture experience of her past… but one that’s personal—really about the woman wearing the clothes.
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È Lei

È Lei was founded in Istanbul in 2017.

È Lei’s approach to fashion is poetic, fun and flamboyant.

Drawing inspiration from art and music, è lei combines high-quality fabrics with silhouettes that can be carried day and night.

È Lei was founded by Melodi Talvi after working as a fashion buyer for many years. She also serves as the company’s creative director.

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Esme Vie

Born in 2013 in Milano, Esme Vie has gained recognition as a luxurious fashion house that caters to a discerning clientele. Aiming to praise timeless beauty and modern elegance, Esme Vie’s designs summon a formal experimentation of geometric dimensions and sobriety with a glamorous heart.

Designed by Carmine Tateo, the Esme Vie label claims original visions, often influenced by the interweaving of dreams and reality, in which style is translated onto the conversion of languages and setting the stages of its wearer's passions. Blending the beauty of nature with meticulously handcrafted flower cascades and silhouettes, femininity meets the embrace of the fairy tale - recapturing the essence of wearable art.
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Evi Grintela

With over twenty years of experience in the luxury market, Evi Grintela created an eponymous brand based on the idea of timeless style. Her experience as Editor-in-Chief of L’ Officiel HellasL’ Officiel Homme and L’ Officiel Travel, Fashion and Accessories Director at Vogue Hellas and Fashion and Style Director at Life & Style Magazine has given her significant expertise in direction and image creation and curation. 

With Evi Grintela the Shirtdress, collections include a variety of airy styles, designed to be intellectually simple, minimally chic and subtly sophisticated - borrowing from the concept of the gentleman’s high quality, well-cut shirts. All shirtdresses are sewn in feather soft Swiss and Italian cotton, voile, and silk. The combination of the fabrics and design of every collection reflects comfort with quality, harmony and sensuality.
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Greta Constantine

Greta Constantine is an accessible luxury line of ready-to-wear womenswear based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2006 by designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, the label is derived from the combination of the name of the latter's mother, Greta, with that of the former's grandfather, Constantine. By embracing diversity in all of its forms, the designer duo presents a renewed understanding of beauty and strength-- classic in its roots, but modern in its 21st century, distinctly Canadian application.
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Iradj Moini

Originally trained as an architect, Iranian-born Iradj Moini has designed jewelry in New York for over 30 years. By the late 1980s, his eye-catching designs walked the runway for Oscar de la Renta, where he creatively designed and directed the catwalk jewelry for a decade. He has also produced pieces for Bill Blass, Carolina Herrera, and Arnold Scaasi.

With worldwide collectors and fans alike, his jewelry has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of Iris Apfel’s collection, as well as being featured in the Trop Exhibit with Barbara Berger at the Louvre in Paris where he now has three pieces in their permanent collections.

Each Iradj Moini piece is handmade in his Manhattan studio, where world-class craftsmanship and imaginative blend of colors result in true works of art. His pieces are invariably large, exquisitely detailed, and three-dimensional - a nod to his architectural background.
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Jan McLaughlin

Jan McLaughlin grew up in Houston, Texas with a love of color and design. After graduating from the University of Texas and attending Parsons School of Design in Paris, she found herself creating art in all different mediums. Painting canvases, children’s t-shirts and developing a greeting card line were some of her creative outlets. Traveling and much time spent in San Miguel de Allende further enhanced and stimulated her creativity. After attending jewelry classes in San Miguel, Jan found an outlet for her love of semi-precious stones. Jan's earrings are easy-to-wear classics that will dress up any outfit! Jan splits her time between Kerrville, Texas and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
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Jess Meany

Jess Meany began her brand in 2019, after a 12-year long career in textile development had her dreaming about how we could love the materials that already exist on our planet. Featuring loosely tailored, low impact pieces, she designs and sews each piece in Los Angeles California. Her pieces are one-of-a-kind and limited as she searches across the country for deadstock, vintage, obsolete and forgotten materials across the country.
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Jupe by Jackie

Established in 2010 by Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye, Jupe by Jackie thrives through its ultimate attention to detail. Each of the renowned designs are intricately executed and characterized by the hand embroidered details. Jackie's strong desire to create original designs that feel elegant, sophisticated and presented in a superb mix of colors has led her to the master embroiderers of the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh - with whom she works with closely to create these striking outcomes.

Revitalizing a dying craft in today’s fast-paced fashion industry, Jupe by Jackie continues to make its mark as leading embroidery house as it strives to let Indian artisanship not only live, but thrive. She established Jupe by Jackie at age 54, after having raised her five children. When they all left home, Jackie’s lifelong enthusiasm for design and creating became even more determined.

Having extensively studied the craft of Indian hand embroidery, Jackie embarked on a journey that led her to a highly talented team of embroidery craftsmen with whom she is working as a dear family until now. A passionate collaboration all the way.  Jackie’s main goal became, and still is, to draw attention to this impeccable art with endless bespoke options, passed down from generation to generation - giving Indian hand embroiderers the worldwide recognition they deserve.

Challenging the “typical” career paths of women her age take, Jackie’s life story can be reckoned as a true inspiration as well: having proven that regardless of age, you can always pursue new life purposes and achieve your goals along the way.

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La Vie Style House

A widow and a newcomer to Dallas walk into a bar… A pilates bar class, that is - and become instant friends! In 2013, that’s exactly what happened to Lindsey Mcclain and Jamie Coulter, who bonded over their shared love of fashion. Both had worked in the fashion industry and were ready to start a new venture together. With their mutual affinity for vintage clothing and cool, effortless pieces, La Vie Style House was born. A curated collection of playful one-size-fits-all caftans for day or night.
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Laura Green

After studying design and fashion, Laura’s appreciation for luxury Parisian techniques and cutting-edge fabrics began during her time working at Vogue in New York. Upon her return to the UK, Laura spent a decade gaining as much experience in luxury clothing creation as she could, working as the Head of Operations & Atelier for a heritage couture brand in London. 

In 2018 Laura GreenLaura’s very own modern atelier, was born. With this launch, the Laura Green family began to grow as she hand picked only the finest artisans to add to her team and help bring her visions to life. Elegant, modern and versatile, Laura Green’s creations have garnered an ever growing list of admirers and returning clients from across the globe.

“Longevity is at the core of all we do, and we know that in today’s fast fashion world, there is a distinct craving for sustainability,” said Laura Green. "We work on a slow-fashion basis, hand-crafting each item to order so that nothing is bulk-made or wasted.” 
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Rare Gems of India

With a background in couture fashion at Emanuel Ungaro and Neiman Marcus and award winning interior designs with Asbury Interiors, Heather Asbury simply has an eye for beautiful things. What started out as a personal shopping expedition for Indian treasures has now become Rare Gems of India and a passion for sourcing and designing pieces that she loves...and hopes you will too.
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Smock London

Smock London is the artisan fashion brand founded by lifelong friends Kajsa and Laura. They are on a mission to modernise the beautiful art of hand smocking for the 21st century girl. With its joyful rainbow palette, feisty feminist spirit and ethical approach to craftsmanship, the brand breathes new life into this ancient, hand-stitched craft.

As the name suggests, smocking craftsmanship sits at the heart of the brand. Every Smock London piece is individually hand-sewn by artisans. Hand-smocking is a skill which takes time, each dress takes up to three days to complete and mastering the craft takes years of practice. Collections are produced slowly, using the highest quality threads and fabrics, in small limited editions and conceived to be passed down generations. The result is exquisite heirloom quality pieces that value the artisan and the planet.
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Tasch is a brand that believes the shirt is the iconic garment from which everything originates, evolves and transforms. As the alpha element of the modern wardrobe, the shirt embodies many concepts, starting from an idea of uniform that becomes iconic and symbolic of a lifestyle and a personal aesthetic.

In the world of Tasch, this timeless garment loses all traditional connotations to become something different: it is feminine, masculine, genderless. It has a utility style or is refined elegance. The shirt and all its natural evolutions become blank canvases for Tasch to play with colors, optical effects, textures and volume. Their capsule collections capture the imagination with their cool and contemporary designs.
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Tracy Feith

Over the course of three decades, veteran fashion designer Tracy Feith has developed his storied women's fashion brand from his humble beginnings as a skate boarding Texas kid to coolly dressing a clientele of socialites, stars, first ladies, and a devoted following of women worldwide. 

Known as a fashion world anomaly who may look like a sun-soaked surfer, Tracy Feith designs the most gloriously feminine dresses. After selling internationally, he then adopted a powerful direct-to-consumer business model in the late ‘90s through the 2000s with a series of beloved shops in New York, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons… all promoted by recommendations from one beautifully dressed woman to another. 

Now based in LA, having served as Fashion Director for multiple brands over the past 10 years, Tracy is once again offering his bold, coveted, limited-edition dresses to the world.
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Tyler Ellis

Tyler Ellis, the daughter of revered fashion designer Perry Ellis, began her
eponymous handbag and accessories line in 2011, quickly becoming the most carried designer on Hollywood’s red carpets.

Tyler’s goal is not to be the next trend, it’s to establish her roots in the luxury
world, grow organically and continue to gain consumer support and industry
respect. She takes extraordinary pride in her work and makes sure each piece meets the highest possible standards.

The brand’s DNA is based on top craftsmanship, unique silhouettes, timeless
appeal and practical functionality, with a focus on bespoke amenities. All
aspects of Tyler Ellis are deliberate, from the impeccable quality of service to the
exclusive aspects of design. When you shop with Tyler Ellis you experience genuine and humble luxury – it’s all about the details.
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