Saïda Dress

Saïda Dress

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We are so pleased to offer the vibrant Saïda dress by ZAZI. This fabulous piece of handwoven Ikat shares with you the "poetry of the loom of the Far East" - weaving the rich tales and heritage of Uzbekistan. The name IKAT means ‘to bind or tie clouds’ and is a complex and skill-intensive process resulting in the most beautiful and unique patterns.


Each dress is handmade in Uzbekistan by the ZAZI partner family IkatUz in collaboration with the UN EFI. The fabric is limited.


Crafted from the finest handwoven Ikat - following a complex process of 37 steps - this dress carries creativity, craftsmanship and elegance.


Please note this is a looser-fitting garment with a slit in the middle and a belt to accentuate the waistline. Side zip. Suitable for every body type.


Dry clean only.
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